4 Great Tips for Search Engine Optimisation

By cheapwebsitedesigns In Categories: Search Engine Optimization Posted February 27, 2017

Search Engine Optimisation today

About a decade ago, search engines like Google used a fairly simple approach in when it comes to determining website rankings and search engine optimisation. SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) were then only concerned with traditional or organic search results. Today, search engines feature maps, videos, images as well as social media signals.

Needless to say, competition in search engine optimisation today comes nothing short of unforgiving. If you depend on your website to find leads, attract prospects and ultimately generate profit, you should look into some of the best strategies and best practices in the search engine marketing business.

Important things to consider in search engine optimisation

The significance of keywords

Keywords are not called as such just for the fun of it. Its proper selection and use can mean all the difference between failure and success in web marketing. What does this have to do with SEO you ask? Well quite possibly – everything.

People now days make good use of search engines when searching for any information online including products or services that they may be interested in. Whenever people do perform any kind of search, they put in keywords relevant to whatever it is that they are looking for which could be certain products, services or the name of a company, brand or the business itself. Thus if you want your prospects online to actually find you, one would need to figure out the proper use of the best set of keywords relevant to your business. Anything less will render your search engine optimisation efforts ineffective.

Title and Meta tags

Don’t forget setting your title tags because without it, your website won’t get recognised and indexed by search engine algorithms. Ensure that it contains your primary keywords. Same goes for Meta tags – located just below the web page name as it comes up in the search engine results page. It’s likely the first thing people will see and will significantly affect their decision to click on the link or not.

Social media

The world of search engine optimisation and search engine marketing today is getting more and more intertwined with social media marketing. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are undeniable affecting results in web marketing. Not to mention the fact that major search engines like Google are now known to take signals from social media networks in further determining website rankings.

It’s all about quality

In SEO and search engine marketing in general, you’ve probably heard it all before like it’s some old cliché but make no mistake – content is still most definitely king! It’s an undeniable fact and one that you should definitely take to heart as you go about your search engine optimisation efforts. Anything less and you’ll only end up wasting time and precious resources.

If you are really serious about your search engine optimisation efforts and getting found by your prospects online then quality content is something that you shouldn’t overlook. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter all the time and we can only expect them to lean more towards quality content in their effort to improve relevance in search engine results!

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