4 Things to Give Your Designer before the Website’s Launch

By cheapwebsitedesigns In Categories: Web Design Posted May 23, 2017

It sure isn’t easy to launch even a cheap website. It does not just require time and effort, but also a significant amount of money. Have you walked through the entire process of web designing and developing and now your website is ready for launch? Are sure it is professional, appealing and beautiful?

Wait, before hitting launch, it is important that you go through some really useful material. Are sure you have given all the information to your web designers for a successful launch?

You must be thinking it’s too late to go through this stuff now. But wait, it’s not, the website is not launched yet. If you have missed any of this important stuff, you can still go back to your web designer to make a few adjustments. Let’s have a look at what these things are:

Give Approval for the Launch

This signal is mostly given via email and by this time, most of the paperwork is already done. If it is not complete, then make sure you work on it. Before the key stakeholders announce the official launch date, it is highly recommended to perform development and quality checks. Your final approval matters too because reliable and cheap web designers always wait for the signal of the client before hitting the launch button.

Provide Access to CMS, DNS & FTP

CMS is the backend of the website which must be accessible to the designers for making future changes. The designer must have access to the current CMS of the website to create a backup of the site. In case something goes wrong, the cheap web designers can always revert the website back to its original state.

DNS is the domain setting of the website. It must be configured by the web designer for pointing visitors to the website.

FTP allows the web designer to upload files directly to the server. These files mostly include plugins, images, and content required for running the website.

Selection of Final Images

Usually, clients allow their cheap web designers to pick images for the website. But you shouldn’t rely on your designer for everything. Depending on the project, it is recommended to pick the images yourself. Each of the images should be high in resolution and it shouldn’t have any watermark, of course. If you are purchasing from stock images, take care of the copyright issues.

Let the Designer and the Website Manager Meet

Cheap web designers are not usually a part of the business’s in-house staff. If that’s the case with you too, then make sure your designer talks to the appointed website manager. This person could either be the marketing manager or an IT professional. This meeting can solve many problems. The designer will be able to explain a lot of things to the manager. They can talk about tasks related to configuration and more.

It is best to be in contact with the designer for at least 7 days after the launch. This could save your cheap website from a lot of troubles in the future.

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