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By cheapwebsitedesigns In Categories: Web Design Posted February 27, 2017

What is Responsive Web Design?

If you’ve been in the search engine marketing business for quite some time then you’ve most probably heard of responsive web design and its advantages over conventional ones. So what exactly is responsive website design?  Well it basically refers to the process of designing a website that automatically adjusts itself according to the dimensions of any device that it is being viewed on. So what makes it so important?

Responsive web design and its advantages

Now if you think that having a website capable of adapting itself to the dimensions of any Internet capable device is no big deal then you are certainly mistaken. As a matter of fact, almost all good and reputable web designers recommend it especially for businesses.

Think about it – with the advent and popular use of internet-capable portable mobile devices these days, business can now market their products or services to prospects well beyond users of desktop and laptop computers.

Let’s look at smart phones for instance, the latest models on the market are often more than capable of bridging the gap between mobile phones and full-pledged computer systems.

Mobile devices like the Apple’s iPhone and tabs enable users to do almost anything that we used to do with computers alone such as e-mails, office works and most importantly – browsing the internet and going online which is actually where responsive web design comes in!

Prior to the advent of responsive website design, businesses that wish to get into mobile marketing had to build a different website for mobile platforms aside from their business website. Not only did these mobile websites often turn out less functional with minimal features than their standard ones but it also means double the work load for search engine marketers in updating and optimising their business websites.

Web developers help businesses eliminate all those problems with “Responsive” websites!

If your business is looking to get into mobile marketing perhaps not today but sometime in the future, responsive websites are certainly a must and you will need website designers and web developers proficient in responsive website design.

Now responsive web design may cost you more than their standard counterparts but the added reach of mobile marketing and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your website is displayed perfectly regardless of whatever device it is viewed on is certainly well worth it!

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