Approaching Responsive Web Design

By cheapwebsitedesigns In Categories: Web Design Posted February 27, 2017

All About Responsive Web Design?

What is responsive web design? If a milestone is to be reached, one should free themselves of any boundary or limitation. It’s probably what Ethan Marcotte had in mind when he presented the idea of website designs that essentially responds and adapts itself to the resolution and screen dimensions of whatever device it is viewed on.

Responsive websites give website designers the freedom to be as creative as they want to be without having to worry about various resolutions and screen sizes.

Prior to the advent of responsive web development, static single page websites were the standard and things were fairly simple back then and we still see a lot of those websites today. As mobile technology progressed, so did web design and now we see a wide range of portable devices on the market capable of accessing the internet on the go such as smart phones, tablet computers and notebook computers.

The world of internet marketing is always pursuing better means of reaching out to prospects and website remain to be the marketing tool of choice for nearly all of today’s businesses as it yields some of the best returns on investment. Websites provide a venue where businesses can touch base with prospects and customers making proper website development nothing short of crucial.

The advantages of responsive web design

As the number of internet-capable devices on the market continues to rise, it is impractical for businesses to put up and manage a separate website for every device. This would put forth such a huge burden for businesses as designing a website without responsive website design would mean having to build, manage and update a large number of websites that may not convey the same marketing messages not to mention the fact that user experience tend to vary from one kind of browser to another.

Responsive website design enables businesses to come up with websites that adapt perfectly to the screen specifications of any device it is viewed which presents its most significant advantage over conventional approaches to web development.

Even today’s most dominant search engine online highly recommend the responsive approach to designing a website. Aside from the advantage mentioned above, responsive sites get more consolidated reports from SEO tracking tools like Google Analytics instead of having to deal with separate data from individual websites specifically built to be viewed on certain types of devices which make effective search engine marketing all the more complicated.

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