Balancing Content and Design for your Website

By cheapwebsitedesigns In Categories: Web Design Posted June 15, 2017

Balance Web Design & Web Content

The problem of websites since time immemorial is what to prioritise. Does it need to be the content? After all, that is what the users are going to actually read after they visit your website. Or does it need to be the design so that the users do not leave after the first few seconds on the website seeing that it is not attractive enough?

Frankly, it is not possible to say that one aspect of a website trumps the other. These points are just as important as other factors in making a website, like creativity and design. That is the problem with a cheap website which does not pay attention to small details like these and often gets the whole balance wrong.  In fact, if you go for a text-heavy website without any attention to the detail or one with a  great design but with no content, both are useless.

Appeal to the Website Users

First, let us start with why design is important. The very first thing that users note when visiting a website is how it looks. The appeal is manifold and constitutes of different points with respect to the design. From designing the font, spacing to layout and buttons, every aspect of designing a website is important to ensure that it is consistent and does not reflect a cheap web design. Remember, the first impression is the lasting impression, and if you cannot hit the mark with the very first shot, you have lost half the war.

Content is the King

However, once the initial impression settles down, it all comes down to content. Do you really intend to continue a website with the sheer force of design? That is simply not possible. As such, there should be substantially in the website which is able to show that the website is worth keep visiting. It does not matter if you are using pre-built affordable website design if you have the right content to back up your website. People ultimately visit a website in order to get information. If you can fulfil that need, you do not really need to worry about your business growing.

Your Online Presence

In the end, what you would need to project is what your website is all about. For example, if it is a photography website, you probably can get away with focusing purely on the design. Make a statement and ensure that your work is actually in focus. Here, things like colour palette and layout take a far more important aspect compared to the content. By comparison, if it is a text blog, you know that people will be visiting for the content. The difference between a cheap website and a professional one is that with the professional one, the designer knows what is needed. Paying attention to size, load time and the overall presence is extremely important in any website.

Decide what you need early on, communicate it to the ones who are designing the website and you are all set. Contact us when you are ready to discuss your individual matter.

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