Brand Building

your_unique_brandIf you have been in business for a very long time you will appreciate how important brand and reputation is. We are all attracted to some form of brand whether we like it or not. An easy to understand example I like to use is hunger. Imagine you’re starving and just keen on getting a bite, suddenly you are presented with various types of foods from different cultures, some of which could be rare and delightful. What do we chose to eat? Well the short answer to the question is “what we are already familiar with”. And the reasoning behind that decision is very simple, it’s because we already know what to expect. When you’re hungry, the last thing you want to do is experiment with new food when you have the option to eat what you know.
In this scenario our shopper is the “impulsive I need it now type”, the brands offered are the “types of food” and the outcome was sticking to familiarity. In comparison let’s say you were looking for a car mechanic because your vehicle broke down and your only concern now is to get it fixed. The first person you would call in this situation would be the first person that comes to mind. A “comes to mind” factor is a value that is very difficult to measure and can only be achieved with a branding factor. Whether it’s the name of your business, object or personal name is irrelevant here. It’s what the consumer remembers and the reason why.
Brand = Trust = Organic business with low cost advertising. A point at which every business is only spending money on marketing to gain “new” clientele.
How do you create a successful brand? The internet makes it possible!
You don’t have to be in business for 25 years to gain reputation and brand identity with a decent position within
your respective market. YHP have been in the business of brand building (and protection) for years, accelerating new businesses from zero to hero within a very short period of time. Branding is a key factor when it comes to organic search. The more people are recommending you, talking about you, sharing and connecting with you, the more trust you will gain with online search engines. Like in the real world, search engines will look at who you are and what people say about you. To filter spam, they will analyze your business to ensure its authentic. This process is called brand reputation identification. Once the process is complete, your brand will be stamped with a relevancy value (R-value) and compared with existing brands within the same niche. With YHP’s help, the outcome of this process will result with higher values in organic search results than your competitor’s websites that have been around for many
More relevancy = more traffic = more clicks = more sales = happy you 🙂 
It’s important to remember that without a brand, you’re just another business.
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