Can I use Paymark as a gateway with WordPress and WooCommerce?



As an online seller, you’re probably wondering if Paymark works with WordPress and WooCommerce. You need to collect payments through virtual channels when you’re selling online products. There’s a lot of online gateways that you can use to process sales in your online store.
If you’re using WooCommerce for your online store, you can choose among major online payment gateways. You just need to consider which ones are the most convenient to use for you and your customers. This will enable you to grow your online store, so you reach full potential.
Paymark is New Zealand’s leading electronics payments company. Paymark has served hundreds of thousands of merchants in New Zealand through a safe, secure, and reliable infrastructure. Paymark covers over 140,000 terminals accounting for more than 75% of New Zealand’s payments landscape.
Paymark processes around 60 transactions every second each day and completed its 17 billionth transaction in January 2018.
YHP have developed an exclusive plugin for WordPress to integrate Paymark. If you are interested in buying our new WordPress plugin to integrate Paymark, contact us today. It will soon be available for download on our website.
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