Facebook Marketing

Powerful Facebook marketing strategies for developing a strong online brand identity
Did you know that more percentage of buyers rely on social media to make purchase decisions?
With Facebook being the top social media channel online today with highest number of users alone, you can almost be certain that a large part of your targeted audience is spending time there.  If you as a business do not have a presence on Facebook, you are missing out possibilities to be seen by more potential customers. You are far behind left in the race.
Do not delay any further!  Start using the Facebook marketing services of YHP.
YHP offers result-oriented Facebook marketing services to brands that want to have a strong presence on Facebook and reach their target audience.  We help businesses to listen, understand and engage in discussion with potential customers on Facebook.  We are a qualified and experienced team of social media marketing experts who can help you create healthy and long lasting user relationships with your audience.
With a tailored Facebook marketing strategy, you can expect:

•    facebook_marketing_servicesEnhanced brand awareness
•    Ability to craft and share relevant, appealing content with your existing audience
•    Get market  predictions and know what your customers likes
•    Potential to grab new fans and turn them into your regular visitors
•    Consistent engagement with your audience
•    Conversion of your audience into loyal customers
At YHP, we will grow a Facebook marketing campaign that is focused to meet your short-term and long-term marketing goals. Just like you, we have helped many companies to make profitable connections with Facebook users.  Not only that, we will also help you cultivate these relationships so they eventually translate into profits.
We have a Facebook marketing strategy that will work best for your business. In addition to assisting you develop good content, we use pools, surveys, interactive forms, feedback forms, and content forms to create a Facebook strategy that works best for your particular needs. We will understand and analyse your business, your specific domain and your competitors before implementing any marketing strategy.
Facebook_marketing_aucklandOur affordable Facebook marketing services include:

•    Creation of custom Facebook business pages
•    Advertising Campaigns
•    Planning and implementation of Facebook marketing strategies
•    Facebook Account checking
•    Facebook handling services
•    Creation of Facebook banners, images and posters
•    Use of engaging content, tags, videos and punch lines
Are you ready to get started now?
With millions of visits worldwide, Facebook remains the most trafficked website in the world.  It is the most important tool to keep your customers and prospects notified, increase your reach and build brand awareness. Our social media marketing specialists are enthusiastic to help you reduce your advertising cost and enhance your advertising reach. While we are handling your campaign, we will keep you updated regularly on how your Facebook advertising is performing.

Give us a chance to develop a customized Facebook marketing strategy for your business. It will help you hit into this big social media platform where shoppers and prospects hang out on a daily basis.  As your trusted Facebook marketing partner, we will help construct brand respect, boost your customer base, and strengthen customer loyalty.

Reach us today on 0800 932337 to discuss your Facebook marketing needs. We will take time to discuss your specific requirements and provide you the best solution to get maximum out of your Facebook marketing efforts.