Google May Be Using Searcher Behavior To Influence Ranks



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A new patent was recently granted to Google which could see a change in the way that search results are calculated. This is big news for online marketers and SEOs. What is this change?

How it works is Googlebot is considering all the queries that are being inputted in Google and looks at it like this:
If users are searching for things like “find mechanic auckland” and “mechanics in Auckland”, and lots of others are searching for similar terms but with a brand name, such as “Xbrand mehanic”, Googlebot might put the two together and assume that users searching for mechanics are looking for Xbrand mechanic.

There are so many variations of this and it will have an impact on all business and search areas as it applies to everything. The brands that are often searched will inevitably become more and more known to Google as related to these terms and end up doing extremely well.

What this means for marketers and SEOs is that attracting traffic from other sources, social, email, content and offline such as word of mouth are all going to be part of the equation. If they aren’t included, despite doing excellent classic SEO, the results may not be produced.


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