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Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to accomplish something important, do everything by the book, put all effort into achieving the outcome you hope to greatly benefit from to only hit a BIG WALL which simply stops you from reaching your desired destination?


Well, we here at YHP experience this every now and then!

Since 2011 the ranking game has changed, we call this era OLD GENERATION VS NEW GENERATION SEO. Google has added 100’s of filters and 100’s more to manage the other 100 filters. Each filter designed to do ONE task which is passing on a unique single piece of information to other filters (top-level filters) which will process and calculate information received from various filters to ultimately deliver a result deciding what happens with your website.

This blog post is about the Google “wall Filter”. To put in simple terms Google’s top 100 wall sits between the top 50 and 60 results. Your site will so to say “camp around this location” until Google has decided in what relevant category you belong. I like to think of it as sitting in transit. You and Google know where you want to go but only Google has the power to grant access through its wall to commence your journey.

So the question is.. Are you relevant enough within your vertical? YES = YOU MAY PASS > NOT = Then you shall remain in the dark side of Google or even in Gehena where no one will ever find you (usually spam sites!)


We have now tested over 30 websites which are 100% relevant within their respective areas and the trends have been the same. If one or more of the following applies you will be camping outside the Google wall for 3-6 months depending on your Website design and vertical which you are in.

  • It’s a brand new URL with no history
  • It’s a new brand
  • It’s a competitive industry, meaning top level terms such as flowers, plumbing etc
  • The site complies with all standards

The good news is, if your site is well designed and prepared for the SEO challenges your industry requires, you won’t have a problem. Once the gate opens it’s a quick boost into the top 20 where new filters will apply which you have to comply to.  By comply I mean “meet Google’s expectations” of how your site should be to deserve a top 10 placement.

Once in the top 10 things will get very interesting and competitive!
To learn more about Google Algorithms please follow my blog.


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