How to Boost your Marketing Efforts with SEO and Web Design

By cheapwebsitedesigns In Categories: Web Design Posted October 11, 2017

An attractive and cheap website is surely important, but don’t forget about making the Search Engines happy too. Professionalism, usability, and attractiveness are always our top priority, but if the website is not even visible to customers, then all your hard work is wasted.

No matter what kind of online business it is, SEO is an integral part of all content marketing strategies. Good SEO starts with the design of the website and then it grows further. Professional and cheap web designers always follow up with the latest search algorithm updates. If you really want to boost your business’s marketing, then SEO and web design both need to be catered at the same time. Let’s see how it’s done:

Optimized Images

All images in your website should be alt-tagged. But that’s not it. The image should be of a normal size as too large images slow down the page loading time. This can affect your website’s ranking negatively. Such keywords should be used while naming images that a potential customer can use searching for a product.

Optimize the URLs

SEO cannot be neglected at the time of choosing the domain name. It’s ok if you already have a URL, what you can do is change the search results by choosing page names that are Search engine friendly. It would be nice to include geographic information in the URLs for location based search.

Speed Things up

No matter how attractive and affordable web design you have created, if the pages take a lot of time to load, you are going to lose visitors my friend. Even Google has started penalizing websites that are slow in loading. It is not just the server problem that may cause slow loading, sometimes, elements within the website like social sharing buttons, JavaScript and Plugins can cause this delay too.

Make sure your cheap web designers cater this problem. It is recommended to conduct regular audits ensuring the design and layout of the website are not influencing its performance.

Update Regularly

Google likes those websites that adjust themselves according to the latest updates. You must review your website time after time to make the latest changes. The important pages of the website should always be your first target. Adding a blog to your website would be a great idea. Keep on adding new content on a regular basis for keeping the visitors engaged.

Don’t forget to make a Mobile Website

Yes, it’s a part of the SEO of your website too. Good optimization includes choosing a mobile responsive website design. Your website should have everything in it that customers are demanding these days. Moreover, if your website is not mobile responsive, then you are going to miss a lot of audiences anyways. So, hire the best designer for making it mobile responsive and address customer needs.

You will be amazed to see the role played by these little changes in lead generation. The boost in the marketing efforts will explain everything itself. What are you waiting for? Get your cheap website optimized today!

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