Why do you need a mobile website?

The world is now mobile, so your business should be. If a customer can’t reach your website anywhere and anytime they will find someone they can. It doesn’t really bother them but it should bother you. That’s where we come in. YHP specialise in mobile applications and solutions. We can meet any level of expertise ensuring an outcome that meets your exact expectations. Yes, the world is going mobile, adverts on TV are showing being mobile friendly is a huge advantage from banking to farming and it is now coming into use in every avenue of everyday life. Wherever you look mobile devices are almost implanted into people’s hands. People are looking at them on buses, cafes, walking down the street. PCs and laptops are becoming less and less used. So if you want to be successful these days, if you want your business to thrive, you need t o be mobile. There are huge benefits in being able to take your office with you wherever you are.

The reality of mobile usage.

Let’s talk facts and figures. The percent of users using a mobile device to go to a website has jumped from 24% in 2010 to 31% in 2014 that is how much more business you could get going mobile.

In 2015 more people spent more time mobile shopping than shopping via the desktop and laptop by 10% and that number is only growing and it is growing rapidly. We are the “now” society, we no longer wait for things like waiting to get home, we want to know now, we want to look now, we want to shop now.

Frost & Sullivan research says that by 2018, New Zealand will have 90% smartphone and 78% tablet ownership countrywide.
The New Zealand Herald shows that there are more mobile phones in the country than there are people.

ResearchNZ surveys show that 90% of respondents last year reported owning or having access to at least one mobile device and one-in-every-four respondents reported owning or having access to at least three of mobile devices.

Business solutions

What about businesses? How are they going mobile? Gone are the days when staff on the road are lugging around manuals and books, now they have a mobile device to retrieve and store information. This ensures their information is up to date and readily available, making their jobs easier by having all the information needed on one device.
Companies can use mobile devices to track their staff to find out who is in a certain area and able to do a particular job.
Having your business accounts paid by mobile technology can reduce stress and hassle for both parties by quickly and easily making a payment on a product or service.
Having staff fully mobile can increase efficiency by their ability to have everything they need at hand. They don’t have to be in a certain place at a certain time. This also increases customer service and satisfaction.

CRM and mobile development.

YHP can design and develop CRM based mobile app to suit any demand. Speak to us today about how we can improve your business systems.