Online Marketing

Online Marketing is a very “relative” term and it is ultimately based on the desired outcome to a desired budget.

Marketing has been around for a very long time. Whether used by Kings and religions from the middle ages or by pop stars and small business services today, the concept has not changed.

It’s about creating perception that awakens an idea, making almost anything desirable to an end consumer immediately or over a long period of time!

(by R. Sayegh)

Marketing in the 21th century.

Today’s technologies offer many positives for marketing but they also present many challenges!
THE POSITIVES internet_and_online_marketing_thumb

  • Unlike the middle ages, its affordable and accessible to everyone.
  • With tools such as the internet, a very large audience can be reached by just one mouse click.
  • Advanced sound and visuals can be used to relay an idea accurately.
  • If done correctly, sales can go through the roof!


  • Because its affordable and accessible to everyone, the market is flooded with advertising
  • Advertising on the internet can seem like spam and become un-relevant to a searcher, confusing consumers
  • Competitors are able to cause damage and devalue your brand much easier
  • If done incorrectly the results could be catastrophic to your brand

We at YHP understand Marketing and what it could mean for your business long term. With a saturated market,
internet_and_online_marketing_thumbOnline marketing has become an industry where too many unexperienced “start-ups”  and individuals tend to sell themselves as a unique “specialist”, making promises of 1st place position placements on popular search engines, making themselves out to be Google partners insisting they know what’s best for YOUR BRAND.
Our healthy track record and curriculum will give you the confidence that YOUR BRAND is in the right hands with YOUR interests being our main concern. YHP also exclusively offer the “ONE NICHE” policy which provides you with an assurance (guarantee) that we will only do our best for you and not your competitor!

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