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Plugin Installation Guide V 1.0 21/07/2020 – Author YHP LTD
NOTE: Start by installing WooCommerce Version > 3.0.
1) Download the plugin form
2) Upload Eftpos plugin files to /wp-content/plugins/ using FTP or from within the WordPress admin screen. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
3) Extract or install the file you have uploaded.
4) Within your WordPress admin portal, to Plugins.
5) Identify WooCommerce Paymark Online EFTPOS Payment Gateway
6) Click on Activate to display the below:
7) Navigate to the Paymark Settings page, Click on Settings (You may come on
settings via WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments Click on Manage as per below
screen shot)
8) Configure settings as required:
You must set the store currency to NZD
While in test mode, you can enter Merchant ID, Test Consumer Key and Test Consumer Secret. Once you have Live Consumer Key and Consumer Secret you may enter them and uncheck test mode then save your settings to switch from Demo mode to Live mode.
You can find the above required details within your online eftpos account under your settings section as shown below:
Note: Note: Please set the mode as per your account activation level. If your account is in demo mode then enable the test mode. By using test mode you may test your integration without moving any real money. All transactions will be passed through to the ONLINE EFTPOS PAYMARK Payment simulator.
You may also create a demo/sandbox account via the Paymark website and use test credentials that were sent to your registered email. Alternitvley you find these details within your account as detailed above. Please make sure you have enabled test mode before using sandbox credentials.
Demo screenshots of checkout:
Demo screenshot of order:
Once an order is placed a request for payment is submitted and you will receive an email with the payment processing transaction ID as a note on your order. Sometimes the bank may take some time to verify and confirm your payment. Once the bank has authorized the payment, you will receive a final order email confirming payment success.
Email Examples:
Submitted order awaiting confirmation of payment:
Received Payment confirmation authorized by bank confirming the order:
You may also do partial or full refunds via this plugin from the order detail page in
admin along with the WooCommerce manual refund option.
Order screenshots in Admin:
Partially Refunded Screen Shots:
Full Refund Screen Shots:
One cannot refund more than the primary transaction amount.
Once a refund is applied, users will get an email as shown below:
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