SEO Copy Writing

Search engines are in principal robots and robots operate with “0”’s and “1”’s.

Knowing this YHP understand that, without human intervention, everything is subject to a calculation. Sometimes these calculations can be simple, but sometimes very complex, making one “calculation result” a subject to another result and so on.

Why is this important when developing your website?

As you probably already know, there are only 10 available positions on the first page of Google’s organic search results. Unless you pay mega $$$ to an agency to display your ads at the top or try experimenting with Google AdWords yourself, scrolling through a forest of information, you can only hope that Google will prefer your website and rank it above your competitors site organically.

How about NO charge for being at the top organically? Spending less and gaining much more than you would have with paid advertising. How is that possible? The question is: How can you teach Google to prefer your website over your competitors?


For the sake of this example let’s say there are 1000 websites in Auckland that are about plumbing services. Why would a search engine display one over the other? Why does your website rank at position 560? The answer to this question involves 200 factors, one of which is correctly calculated content, to some extent also called “content density”. Too much = SPAM, too little = low value. HELP!

YHP understand this and have developed a formula on how relevancy is calculated correctly. A mixture of titles, meta, long and short tail keywords combined with a mix of font and style can be a very powerful tool in teaching search engines that YOUR website is more relevant and better than your competitors.
As we progress with your marketing campaign, content will be recalculated and changed regularly to suit the ongoing ever changing balancing of relevancy. Speak to us about how we can improve your copy which will definitely improve your organic visibility!