Social Media Management

Social Media Development And Management By YHP

As a business owner it is very difficult to look after all aspects of your business. Likewise marketing is a crucial pillar within your business and requires dedication, time and attention in all areas to keep a steady flow of enquiries and sales, accommodating your level of staff or product.

Social media has become a very important element of online marketing. A tool originally developed to connect people is now used more than ever to connect people with services and products. On a business level, how can social media help your business?

A few examples to answer that question as follows:

  • Connect with businesses that could be interested in what you are offering
  • Share information with the world on a regular basis
  • Create new networks with potential clients
  • Increase short term special sales
  • Keep users updated on business developments and achievements
  • Involve employees in the process as a TEAM effort
  • Set goals and gold post achievements
  • Stay connected with your business 24/7 from any location
  • Achieve amazing progress in organic search with your services

There are several major players in the social media realm such as Facebook, Google and Twitter. It is important to acknowledge the importance of these networks and crucial to make sure they are managed correctly. Too often have we experienced irreversible damage done to a brand via social media platforms. One of many examples is “SERVICE LIMITATIONS”.

Let’s say you’re a PLUMBER and you decide to create a successful plumbing website. You approach a marketing company to achieve this goal for you, and assuming everything was done correctly, you are quickly satisfied with the results. Two years later you decide to also offer GASFITTING and DRAINAGE and go back to the same marketing company advising them of your new requirements. Nine times out ten the company that provided the initial service will use the same marketing concept used in the initial instance, which will result in “brand limitation” or “service limitation”, meaning that initially YOUR BRAND was built around “PLUMBING”. Logically, search engines now consider YOUR BRAND as 100% relevant to “PLUMBING”. If you were to suddenly add GASFITTING and DRAINAGE, your relevancy for Plumbing would drop to 33.33% instead of 100% resulting in organic formula penalties and a drop in ranks. What was initially a great result turns into a nightmare and you’re to date investment has been assassinated!

We won’t give away all our tricks but a small hint is that Social Media is a powerful tool to prevent Brand Limitations. It’s important to get it right from the start and avoid excessive cost trying to fix the problem. YHP have been developing in-house networking structures for many years now, and we understand on a professional level how data is processed, linked, published and transformed to benefit your business. Our social media systems are independent and can plugin to new and existing websites.

SMO (Social Media Optimisation)

SMO_bubbles_thumbOur social media management is closely tied into your daily processes. Our content writers will update your blogs and social media regularly ensuring your connections and clients are always up to date with specials and services. Our SMO works brilliantly with your website offering RSS feeds and newsletter subscriptions.



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