Software Development

In 1995 YHP professionally started programming DOS batch applications for the purpose of processing large databases and information for midsize-large businesses, later, with the development of the internet, C++ and Filemaker were used to create tailored desktop and internet based applications to help businesses work smarter and more efficient.


Today our software is developed on different levels using a multitude of scripting languages and platforms. Whether it’s an online based solution using PHP or desktop business applications with online capability, YHP have been in the software production business for over 20 years. We have seen technologies come and go which has helped us develop a knowhow and track record allowing us to make experience based recommendations that will ensure a professional outcome and long durativity of your project.
joomla_modifications_yhp1Sometimes OPEN SOURCE content management systems just don’t cut it.
Open source CMS systems are ideal because they offer a basic platform that allows users at any software experience level to modify content and functionality. Also giving your consumer the ability to make basic changes to CSS or HTML files. There are dozens of content management systems available and it’s very important for developers to specialise in only a handful, making sure they are always up to date with ongoing changes and security which is a continuous and never-ending responsibility. When you are considering your CMS system also consider how much ongoing support you be getting with it. 6 months with no support could create a very dangerous environment for your website.
Some disadvantages of open source CMS

  • Continual support to ensure security and mod upgrades
  • Constant concerns with security vulnerability. For more information see the following >>
  • Finding developers that specialise in the ins and outs of the CMS your are requiring
  • Being limited to the “CMS” plugins and extensions
  • No support from the makers
  • To many unknown backdoors enabling website high jacking and fishing
  • In some cases permanent domain damage can occur

yhp_software_developmentYHP have been involved in various online and desktop application projects. Developing tailored turnkey solutions that help businesses achieve higher efficiencies, solutions that can simplify processes as required by any business. You will be positively surprised how affordable custom designed applications are when identifying the benefits they can bring. Your return on investment is assured by reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.
Call 0800 WEB DESIGN to find out how we can improve your existing business processes.
One key advantage that sets YHP apart from their competitors are our unique in-house developed software applications that are designed to help our clients achieve top results online. Ask about our Google sandbox engine (SEONATOR) that can mimic (SANDBOX) Google results to an accuracy of currently 60% if the correct database is implemented and tested. Enabling us to save time and money in the keyword planning and implementing of your online marketing campaign.