Spammed by Online Strategists from



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More spam emails this week! This time from a so called “Online Strategist” Sana..

Typical signs of spam, no phone number, no proper contact, The URL Admin only leads to an invalid host and the list goes on!

The IP has already been registered as spam and reported to internal affairs. Don’t waste your time with Sana 🙂


Hi there,

My name is Sana and I am an Online Strategist. I’ve been tracking the success of your website and I’m impressed with your company, but there are some real opportunities for growth that you currently are missing.

Are you interested in proven Search Engine Optimization strategies that will increase the amount of leads and sales through your website? In 20 minutes I can show you how. This is valued at $500, but free of charge to you.

I’d like to follow up with a quick phone call. Can I call you this week to discuss your campaign?


Thank you

Best regards,


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