Top 7 SEO Forums Australians can use for Cheap DIY SEO

By cheapwebsitedesigns In Categories: Search Engine Optimization Posted October 15, 2018

SEO is a very complex subject, and since it constantly changes, it can drive the newbies insane! Luckily, there are many resources available on the internet which can help them with their toughest SEO-related questions. Sometimes, it’s easier to just rely on a skilful Aussie SEO company.

If you want to improve your SEO and make the most of SEO tactics, and want an affordable SEO Australia Company, here are the basics you want to keep in mind:

  • A website that produces exceptional content – while SEO can even help mediocre content websites, it’s best to use SEO techniques with websites that are already producing a high-quality website that wants to bring their content to the world.
  • On-page SEO that includes page titles, headers, Metadata and more.
  • Link building so your website gets ranked by google

SEO Forums advantages

  • Answers to hundreds of SEO-related questions that can help a beginner as well as a professional
  • Free SEO information
  • Archived solutions to SEO problems

The best SEO forums on the internet

1)  Warrior forum

This forum was created to help you get assistance on your questions and get serious, professional advice on your SEO-related problems. It’s important to stay ahead of Google’s algorithm, and this is the place where professionals meet up and help the newbies out.

If you’re looking to increase website traffic, warrior forum is the place to go. The topics vary from Search Engine Optimization to Panda Updates, Copyrighting, content marketing, site architecture, SEO starter guides, link building and more.

2)   The MOZ Q&A Forum

MOZ is a digital marketing software company that focuses on SEO; it’s a massive company with over 35,000 customers, the MOZ forum is one of the best places to go for your queries; if you seem to be stuck on any problem and need professional help, or have a very specific question you can’t find anywhere else on the internet, this is where you’ll find answers.

3)   SEO mastering forum

As the name suggests, this place was created so people can help themselves master SEO. It covers a wide variety of topics and all of them are related to SEO and marketing. If you’re looking to promote your website and want the latest techniques, this place is where you should go.

Topics vary from basics of SEO to databases, server administration, promotion and everything in between.

4)  Digital point SEO forum

This forum is dedicated to Search Engine Optimization and has a ton of active users; a great place to start learning SEO and an amazing place to get better at it.

5)  Google Webmaster Central

Always verify what recommendations you get from all these fora using Google webmaster Central. Many ideas out there are grey- or even black-hat. It is always a good idea to check here before implementing major changes to your site structure or other vitals.


This website is a spam-free stronghold that will bring you the latest and greatest SEO tactics and techniques; it’s constantly being updated and there are tons of different topics being discussed at any given time.

7)  SEO Chat

SEO Chat helps users take their traffic and clicks into cold hard cash. It’s a great place to discuss marketing trends, methods and SEO techniques to maximize profit.

Conclusively, these forums are places where you can learn everything about SEO. However, you will have to find and learn from the topics themselves.

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