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Why do I need a website?

Only a few years ago the small business owner relied on his/her businesses creditability, reputation and organic propaganda to generate profitable business with new clientele. It was naturally assumed that if a business was around long enough it would remain stable and be able to grow its revenue progressively until profitable enough to sell or hand down to the next generation. Unfortunately we all know this reality has changed over the last years. More competition and less work has forced many long standing companies to shut their doors or expand into foreign products/services to remain afloat. Why is that? Of course reliability, quality and efficiency are the core pillars of any business. But what happens when the market is flooded with cheap offers? The answer to that question is…
The consumer starts shopping around.
Yellow is handy

So how do YOU find a service provider or product? Do you call a friend? Look for the yellow pages? Go to the shopping mall? An online statistic created by search engine Yahoo has confirmed that 7 out of 10 people GO ONLINE and search. Whether it’s on Google, Yahoo, Bing or China’s Baidu (over 40% of the population online) , business is now generated online.
In other words, looking at our 7 out of 10 statistic if you are currently not represented online, you will be relying on the “3” consumers to find their way to your service! In New Zealand we face a larger problem with many industries not being regulated, hence no regulation means no license, meaning anyone can claim to be a specialist, professional or have the solution you’re looking for.
How is possible to compete or start-up a new business in a “Cowboy” cut-throat market?
Reputation, Information and Branding
YHP is not just interested in selling you a website. We want to ensure that your website will also deliver the outcome you are looking for. Like in the real world, the online community is growing, but by millions of new websites daily. Business owners now acknowledge that they must have some form of online representation where the consumer can go and find out more about what you do and who is talking/recommending your services/products etc. The public is educated and knows better than to simply take your word for granted.
Online reputation is a big thing these days, the more people recommend your brand the more trusted your brand becomes. YHP websites are secure and operate on a constant evolving technology that adjusts to the times we live in. Our aim is to give the user an easy to use, secure website where reliable information is provided motivating the user to click the “buy now” or “book now” button (call to action technology). Our websites are linked in with a multitude of offsite reputation systems, whether social media or testimonials everything is controlled from one location.
Key-turn Solutions
Like everything else in life it’s never easy to get involved in something we know nothing about. We rely on professionals to make the right recommendations, of course at the right price. In many cases we don’t even know what we really need. Hence quotes can sometimes vary from $500 – $5000 +. It’s interesting to see that most of the quotes we submit are for clients that already have an existing website. The comment we hear continually is “I paid a lot of money for a website that doesn’t benefit my business” and in most cases it’s very quickly obvious why.
Like a new home, a website consists of a variety of trades required to build successfully. How catastrophic would it be to ask your plumber to build the foundations if the plumber was not an expert in that field? Likewise why would you get a graphic designer to build your website? Or your web developer to ensure your website can generate traffic and business?
YHP is exceptional in the field of online lead and business generation. Our team consists of professionals specialising in every field required to build a website (marketing machine) that doesn’t only look and function professionally but will also give you the return (ROI) your business needs. Our mission is to pay you back for your investment via new business generated from your online business tool. Book a free consultation and find out how the internet can benefit your business today.