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Team YHP

After 7 years YHP have finally completed their online representation. Admittedly it has taken us a considerable amount of time to get our own site up and running properly, mainly because we spend most of our time looking after our valuable clients projects :)Excuses aside, in recent years we have been asked repeatedly to share some of the knowledge, tools and resources we have accumulated. Thanks to your demand and persistence we were finally able to prioritise our time and complete a website that will hopefully not only help our existing clients but also the public. I will be sharing many useful tips and tricks about search engine optimisation and website/software development. The website is designed to remain expandable giving us the opportunity to add more tools and upgrades that will continue to help you in the future. We have summed up our main services which you can explore but I wish to add that YHP offer more then just “off the shelve” solutions. So if you cant find what your looking for drop us a line and we will get in touch. Specialising is SEO web design (B to C & B to B) our projects do more than just look good, additionally YHP are now Google and Templatemonster partners in New Zealand. We are working on several partnerships in the E-commerce and Banking sector and will advise on this in future. Subscribe to our blog to remain updated and feel free to send through any questions/requests you might have. We look forward to staying connected with you!

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