If you are a Worldline (previously known as Paymark) customer and love Worldline (previously known as Paymark) Click abilities including Online Eftpos features then you have come to the right place!
YHP specialise in Worldline (previously known as Paymark) API development and can provide bespoke solutions for your business applications and website.
Our developed technologies have assisted dozens of businesses become more independent, efficient
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YHP – Worldline (previously known as Paymark) CLICK – CREDIT CARDS/ ONLINE EFTPOS

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To install the plugin, please follow the instructions below:

WooCommerce Gateway Worldline Click Plugin Installaton Guide

NOTE: Start with installing WooCommerce if you have not installed yet.
1) Download the plugin from www.yhp.nz/plugins/yhp-worldline-click-credit-cards-online-eftpos/ here if you haven’t downloaded yet
2) Now upload the plugin files under /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your hosting via FTP or using Cpanel.
3) Extract the files if you have uploaded the .zip file in the above step.
4) Now Login into your WordPress admin portal, for example https://yourdomain.nz/wpadmin.
5) Go into plugins.
6) You will found the plugin there name YHP Worldline Click Gateway
7) Click on Activate it will be activated and give you settings option as below
8) Click on Settings (You may come on settings via Woo-commerce> Settings > Payments Click on Manage as per below screenshot)
9) Configure the settings as per screenshot below:
Enter Client ID, Account and API Password as per your merchant activation email from Click Worldline (previously known as Paymark). API password can ae generated as per given instructions in your above merchant email Or by logging in into your Worldline (previously known as Paymark) click account.
Note: Please set the test mode as per your account if its in demo mode then enable the test mode. By test mode you can test your integration without moving any real money. All transactions will be passed through the Click Payment simulator.
You can create a demo/sandbox account from the Worldline (previously known as Paymark) web site and use the test credentials that you are sent on your registered email. Please make sure you have Enable test mode to use these credentials.
Demo screenshots of checkout:
Demo screenshot of order:
Contact us for any query or assistance at https://www.yhp.nz/contact-us/
*** Click Changelog ***
= V 2.3 =
* Second version
1) Made the changes in used functions as per woocommerce 3.x as older one are deprecated now.
2) Made the compatibility with those plugins who are using their own order numbers like YITH Sequential Order Number plugin.= V 2.4 =
* Third version
1) Made the changes so that plugin directory can be detected dynamically.
2) Made the compatibility with latest version of WP V 5.5 and WC V 4.3.2 .= V 2.5 =
* Fourth version
1) Changed the plugin title to CLICK™ BY WORLDLINE (CREDIT / DEBIT PAYMENT).
2) Made the compatibility with latest version of WP V 5.5.1 and WC V 4.6.0.= V 2.6.1 =
* Fifth version
1) Added a Cron function to check and update the payment status from Click Worldline.
2) It runs every 5 minutes and fetches the last 24 hours records from the Click Worldline server
and updates the order status of WooCommerce if an order has been paid on Worldline but status at WooCommerce level is not ‘processing’ or ‘completed’.
3) Made the compatibility with the latest version of WP V 5.7.2 and WC V 5.3.0.

= V 2.7 =
* sixth version
1) Upgraded the brandigs from paymark to worldline.
2) Made the compatibility with the latest version of WP V 5.8.1 and WC V 5.9.0.

== Upgrade Notice ====================
This update is recommended for all who are using this plugin for any older version.
Also who are using WooCommerce >5.0 please install this new version 2.7 a fresh copy.