YHP Worldline Subscriptions Gateway Click Plugin InstallationGuide(Used for WooCommerce regular and subscription payments)
Supports automatic renewal payments with the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.

Supported features:

  • products
  • refunds
  • tokenization

Subscription features:

  • subscriptions
  • MultipleSubscriptions
  • suspension
  • cancellation
  • suspension
  • reactivation
  • Amount change
  • Amount change
  • Date change


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Plugin Installation Guide V 6.0 06/08/2022-Author YHP LTD

Before start please note few points.
1) You must Deactivate or Delete the older version of click plugin (YHP
Worldline Gateway Click / YHP Paymark Click Gateway / Woocommerce Click
Gateway) before using this plugin.
2)If you are already using our subscription plugin any older version then after
installing this upgrade you must do all your running subscriptions again with
this plugin.
[ If you want to continue with all your old subscriptions then technically we can
do it by making changes directly in database. To do changes and switching will
be paid based on your no of old subscriptions. ]
NOTE: Start by creating an Online Click account with Worldline (previously known
as Paymark) and installing WooCommerce Version > 3.0 along with WooCommerce subscriptions module for subscription payments.
2) Upload Worldline (previously known as Paymark) subscriptions click plugin
files to /wp-content/plugins/ using FTP or from within the WordPress admin
screen. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
3) Extract or install the file you have uploaded.
4) Within your WordPress admin portal, https://yourdomain..co.nz/wp-admin/. Navigate to Plugins
5) Identify YHP Worldline Subscriptions Click Gateway
6) Click on Activate you will get the below options:
7) Navigate to the WooCommerce Subscriptions Click Gateway Settings page, Click on Settings first link as per below screenshot
8) You may come on settings via WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments Click on ‘Manage’ as per below screenshot.
9)Configure settings as required:
NOTE: You must set the store currency to NZD to use this plugin
10) Error message when currency is not set to NZD
Enter Client ID, Account ID and API Password as per your merchant activation email from Click Worldline (previously known as Paymark). API password can be generated as per given instructions in your above merchant email Or by logging in into your Worldline (previously known as Paymark) click account.
Note: Please set the test mode as per your account if its in demo mode then enable the test mode. By test mode you can test your ingratiation without moving any real money. All transactions will be passed through the Click Payment simulator.
You can create a demo/sandbox account from the Worldline (previously known as Paymark) web site and use the test credentials that you are sent on your registered email. Please make sure you have Enabled test mode to use these credentials.
Demo screenshot of checkout with subscription product:
Demo screen shot of subscription order received after payment :
Demo screen shot of subscription order details in admin:
Demo screen shot of subscriptions in admin:
Demo screen shot of subscriptions in My Account area:
Done an order with new card the used card is automatically added and can be viewed from My Account -> Payment methods area:
From My Account -> Payment Method one can add new CC by clicking on Add Payment Method:
Click on Add Card and it will redirect user on Click worldline gateway where CC details will be entered and on submit user will land on same page with new CC added in the above list:
One can make any of his card as default card which will be auto selected on his next checkout page.
Next Check out page demo screenshot:
If card is already saved then user will not redirect on worldline/Paymark and payment will be done by using saved card token.
To change card on any subscription manually Renew it from its detail page clicking on ‘Renew Now’ button and use a new card while renewing:
One can do the manual renewal on failed transaction subscription cards as well by the same process. On failed auto renewal transaction an email is also sent out by the plugin to users as below:
User can copy paste the above mailed URL or click on it to reach out the failed order
and do the needful.
In failed cards user need to do manual renewal with a new card to update the card in
subscription orders.