Why Does Your Website Need SEO?


SEO And Backlinking

Now that you know what SEO is (refer to our previous article, what SEO means here if you haven’t seen it), the next question arises. Why does your website need SEO, or rather, to be SEO’d?

The internet these days is flooded with thousands, if not millions, of websites offering very similar information on essentially every topic that there is. No matter what you are searching for, from trying to fix your leaking tap, to how to cook a meal like a pro chef, you will find instructions, videos, images and more.

The same goes for businesses offering products as services. Will you find many websites offering the product or service you are looking for. Now, as a business owner, if you are trying to sell something, naturally you want your website to be found first, ahead of the competition. This is where SEO comes in.

No matter what industry you are in, it is almost guaranteed that at least some of your competitors will have a website that is being SEO’d. This means that they already have an advantage and likely rank a lot better than your website if you have not had SEO done before. This puts them ahead of you and much more likely to win the business you are looking for.

By getting your website optimised, you will be playing on the same field at the same level as your competitors, if not one step ahead. SEO is a very competitive industry and everyone has different methods, so depending on who your SEO experts are, you always have the possibility of overtaking your competitors. Always remember, if they got there, so can you! Once you are at the top, people will find your business when looking for what you offer, and your phone will be ringing.

We at YHP can help you to optimise your website, increasing your ranks and gaining you business. For more information visit our SEO page and give us a call today to discuss your options!

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