Business solutions

Having your business mobile is a great advantage, and is fast becoming a necessity. We can take your business system and turn It mobile via and intranet system that can connect your whole company. This can save your business time and money. For example, having job dispatches mobile saves your employee having to come back to base and go out again. All your employee needs can be right at their fingertips, thus being able to go from one job to another completely connected to everyone and everything within the company. They can access a web browser interface so all the data in the company is available to use anytime and anywhere.
Also with lead generation management we can set up marketing campaigns or programs to help with client interaction thus organising and distributing data when and as needed. This can also help generate new business, increase visibility, increase client attitude or the way they see you.
These are just a few examples of business solutions we can achieve. Each business has its own unique needs, wants and requirements in which many off-the-shelf applications can’t quite fit in, we can tailor business applications to suit your own unique application needs.

Gaming applications

Gaming has been huge on computers ever since solitaire was put on the first computers. Now with a world gone mobile gaming is too. Along with mobile gaming is gaming applications. We can do things like create a wire frame as a mobile app


Look on any phone and you will find tools such as weather, calendars, maps and the like right there on the front screen. Everything is now on the mobile device and the list is growing. In the near future the only thing people will be carrying is there mobile device.