Copy Writing And Content

copywriteSo you have decided to get your new website manufactured, you have the template design locked in and branding is all go! Now comes the time consuming part which is filling the pages with content. Every web designer knows that content is king, it doesn’t only provide “spider food” (search engine food) but also provides information for your users that should ultimately motivate them to purchase your product or employ the service you wish to promote.
Content also includes features such as call to actions, magnetimages, price presentations and the list goes on. Not having the time or wanting to put too much effort into it, most of our clients simply rely on our professional input or even leave it all up to us. We have a team of passionate copy writers that work together with our graphics design team to create pages that not only “catch the eye” but also provide the quickest road map possible to lead generation or sale. Our copywriters also specialise in over 30 technical areas from Plumbing to Makeup Artists. Find out how we can create content that will compliment your brand and service.

IMAGE VS TEXT: What is the recommended ratio? Which colours will work with which font? When is letterstoo much not enough and too little much to cluttered? These are very important questions when it comes to YOUR BRAND and business card to the world. With the right content every person visiting your website is a potential buyer. We understand user behaviour and what will work best to achieve the goal you’re looking for.
Did you know that content is very critical for your SEO results? For example, you are never allowed to copy someone else’s content for your own use. Please visit our SEO copy writing page for more information HERE
Understanding content is very critical when it comes to increasing business and giving your visitor the most valuable site experience possible.
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