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So whats new in webmaster tools?

Google is warning all site owners that their websites may be disadvantaged in search, especially in mobile search.


Since October 2014 Google has introduced a new feature into webmaster tools tracking your mobile design and performance. If you don’t have a mobile site your webmaster tools will simply throw up a large amount of errors making you wonder whats going on! Fortunately most of our clients have mobile sites, those that don’t are now being rushed to upgrade before the Google grading takes place.

If you are one of our SERP clients hungering for ranks its much more important to upgrade because you rely on your premium positions to generate new business. We want to make sure you can lead your vertical by example, always ahead of the game and your competitors.

What changed on Google search?

Because global web traffic from mobile devices is on the rise, Google now “pushes” for sites that are mobile friendly, even displaying this in the search results.

mobile friendlyIf your site is not mobile user friendly, it is highly likely Google will not recommend (or include) your website in the mobile search results. Logically they will tend to display mobile friendly sites first. All our clients enjoy the benefits of what high ranking results bring and we are constantly working on new technologies to pre-test search results allowing us to be highly proactive. The website itself plays an immense roll in the formula to rank and updates are made weekly to comply with the ever changing scenery of Organic search engine ranking.

Of course its not only about ranking but also giving your users the best experience possible on your site. Allowing them to find exactly what they are looking will generate you a lead / sale and bookmark you for the next visit! YHP are all about improving internet experience and generating more online Biz for you.

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Mobile-friendly sites turn visitors into customers

In this world of constant connectivity, consumers expect to find the information that they want, when they want it – especially when they’re on the go. We know that this applies to their web browsing experiences on mobile, so we took a deeper look at users’ expectations and reactions towards their site experiences on mobile. Most interestingly, 61% of people said that they’d quickly move onto another site if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site. The bottom line: Without a mobile-friendly site you’ll be driving users to your competition. In fact, 67% of users are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site, so if that site’s not yours, you’ll be missing out in a big way.

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